Introduction to Urban Mobility data analysis


This initial course teaches people how to use data centric approach to take decisions in the Urban Mobility field. Will teach non experts on data management people how the basics for Data analysis works, how machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques works and how to use them in the field of Urban Mobility. We will learn how to use them, giving basic Python concepts, and we will guide them how to use them in a cloud based environment using the EDVL for their task. They will be able to get some results by themselves from a significant data set (fully guided). This will allow any people with minor interest been able to get into their day to day work using this Data center approaches. The key will be the environment (EDVL) that will help them to get everything working in a very simple and easy way.


Learn how to use data for Urban mobility decisions and planning.

Learn how to use the Machine Learning algorithms (no previous knowledge required)

Learn how to use python and its libraries in a easy way to get results and visualizations.

Use a cloud based environment (EDVL) to get your results in an easy way.


  • Urban mobility Data center approach.

  • Concepts for understanding Machine learning and other AI concepts

  • Basic programing capabilities in python to use data in your day to day decisions

  • Been able to use a simple environment to get everything working in the cloud (EDVL)

  • Been able to go throw a real case and see how everything works


Day 1

  • Introduction to Urban Mobility and analysis for their data

  • Introduction to data analysis using Machine Learning and AI

  • Introduction to Python3, ML libraries and visualization of data

Day 2

  • Introduction to cloud computing and how to deploy data based applications and services.

  • Introduction to EDVL

  • Hands on a real case : using data for Urban Mobility planning and decision


Joaquin Salvachua

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Andres Muñoz

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Gabriel Huecas

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Carlos Aparicio

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Sonsoles Lopez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Juan Quemada

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

📅 Dates

October 6, 2021

October 7, 2021


9 hours in 2 days


Synchronous online

€ Course fee

1.200€ FREE thanks to EIT Urban Mobility financing

🇬🇧 Language

Spanish (Esta primera edición del curso se desarrollará en español)

📜 Certificate

A digital certificate of participation will be delivered upon completion of the programme


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Joaquín Salvachúa (

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Juan Quemada (UPM Professor)

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Joaquín Salvachúa (UPM Professor)

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